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See some of our most commonly asked questions below. If you still have an inquiry, please contact us!

Soho Deco services Orange County and Greater Los Angeles area. Occasionally, we may also accept projects in Riverside and Ventura county depending on the project size and scope. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept projects outside of Southern California.
Soho Deco started out specializing in Kitchen & Bath projects, but now performs whole house remodeling! We have extensive experience in all areas of both residential and commercial renovation, from living rooms, bedrooms, office spaces, to retail storefronts, lighting design, plumbing, demolition, and even house extensions/additions and real estate development projects. Make an appointment to one of our showrooms or check out our online gallery to see our past projects!
Quartz surfaces are stronger, more durable, hygienic, and easier to maintain than granite. This makes it an ideal choice for kitchens for food-safety reasons. Granite surfaces are porous and need to be resealed annually, else it runs the risk of germs, bacteria, and mold seeping in. Due to their porous nature, Granite surfaces are also prone to stains, whereas Quartz, being non-porous, does not have these problems.

Additionally, surface seam transitions are much more noticeable with Granite, since each Granite surface tends to be unique, the seam transition is usually impossible to hide in the material. For these reasons, Soho Deco only carries Quartz counter tops, but we can still work with your project if you prefer a non-quartz material for your countertop.

Yes; in fact, we prefer on-site estimates to online ones!

We always like to advise customers to come to a showroom and preview some samples, so that we can get a better idea for your project. This way, we can get you a more accurate estimate. The best way to obtain an estimate is by calling in and scheduling an appointment with a project manager! Final pricing will depend on the size and layout of your space, as well as your material selection.

If you are choosing Soho Deco’s custom, box-built cabinets, please note that there is 8-10 week lead time from the date of order. We require this time to carefully custom make and assemble the cabinetry to your project’s unique specifications. Our custom cabinetry is made via box build assembly, which means it is shipped fully assembled by a computerized electronic mechanical assembly process for a super high level of accuracy and integrity. This type of assembly results in cabinets that fit perfectly and are much more even, level, and long-lasting than manually-assembled cabinets. It also offers a high degree of customization with your space – the final design is limited only by your imagination.

If you are not using our custom cabinetry, we can work with your preferred vendor or provide a selection of pre-made cabinets to execute your project as fast as within a week.

Soho Deco specializes in contemporary, European-style design. We have also designed many modern and transitional style spaces.

While we have done a few projects in traditional styles, we currently have a limited selection of traditional products compared to our selection of contemporary, European and modern/transitional products.

Soho Deco is more than happy to assist you with your project needs! No matter what type of material or appliance you’d like to use, we can work with you to make sure your dream space comes alive the way you envision it.

We can also work with you if you have already hired a designer; we have a general contracting license and can perform building and construction services and/or project coordination based on your needs. In a different boat? If you already have chosen a general contractor, we have a team of experienced designers who can provide design assistance and suggestions based on your preferences!